giovedì 24 settembre 2015

Hiao Ron Cheng: Pink Surrealism

Hiao Ron Cheng è una giovane illustratrice taiwanese.
Le sue immagini? Eteree, rosa, surreali.
Alterna bellissimi ritratti femminili ad inquietanti disegni onirici.
C'è qualcosa di bellissimo eppure disturbante, qualcosa che attrae.

A portrait of Lady Charlotte Guest for Oh Comely Magazine  July issue. (Illustration by Hsiao-Ron Cheng.)

"Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Guest, (née Bertie) (19 May 1812 – 15 January 1895), later Lady Charlotte Schreiber, was an English translator and business woman. An important figure in the study of Welsh language and literature, she is best known for her pioneering translation from Welsh into English of several medieval tales to which she gave the name Mabinogion.” 

Hsiao-Ron Cheng  (14)